We are a Prop Tech B Corp that specializes in the management of buildings, communities, and people with a strong focus on the impact on the planet.

Mind stands for caring. We manage buildings, improve communities, and enhance individuals’ experiences in both their workplaces and residential environments, all while caring for the planet!
Mind Corporate: A fresh approach to community and hospitality experience, made accessible to employees, where the company’s concern is extended to their well-being and growth, engaging in activities with a positive impact on the planet. Finally, a single app that integrates HR, General Services, Communication, and Sustainability

Mind Residential: Technological integration in luxury residential environments. Digitized and eco-conscious communities connect people for life experiences, and hotel-like services from the comfort of your home


A comprehensive solution to manage services, incidents, work orders, and the lifecycle of assets. Space reservation and real-time occupancy tracking


Data management for future improvements in the community and real estate assets’ life. New business models based on data.


Management and activation of the community to increase engagement and improve people`s lives. Corporate communication and awareness. Democratization of the organization. Connection with the company`s purpose and mission.


Community participation to advance each of the Sustainable Development Goals. Awareness. Everyone is part of the solution. Challenges and activities for positive impact.

With Mind you take care... your workplace your team the planet the talent your buidings your community