Comprehensive platform for the management of spaces and corporate experiences


Optimize the management and organization of both your office and home workspaces while also unlocking the full potential of your team.

Our platform offers advanced tools to oversee and manage your spaces effectively. Services include reservation control, work hours logging, incident tracking and even receiving and evaluating requests and suggestions from your team. 

All this and more are designed to elevate your management to an optimized level.

Create, share, and live Top experiences at work


We understand the importance of fostering an enriching and stimulating work atmosphere. That is why we have developed specialized tools that promote active participation and talent nurturing within your organization.

Through our platform, you’ll be empowered to create events and share special moments with your team, regardless of where each person works, thus promoting a solid corporation culture.

Become a data-driven company


Through the desktop version, you will have access to the market’s most powerful service desk. Enroll your suppliers (or choose from our options), manage building maintenance, track pending services, and execute all you can imagine optimizing your management.

We add layers of valuable data that help transform future business models.

And all this taking care of the planet

And all of this while we take care of the planet!


We strongly believe in the importance of taking care of our planet and we want to be part of the change. That’s why we strive to promote responsible practices in all our activities.

We work with passion and dedication to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural resources. Our goal is to inspire others to join us on this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

We offer you: Mind App Corporate

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