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You can start using Mind  by contacting our support team, who will guide you through the implementation process.

The cost of the platform depends on the size of your company o community and the functionalities you need. You can contact us to request a personalized quote.

Yes, our platform is easy to use and has an intuitive interface so you can navigate without difficulty.

No problem, we can add your company’s logo and customize the colors. For any other options, please contact our support team

In order to guarantee the security and integrity of the provided personal data, MIND has implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent data loss, as well as unauthorized processing or access by third parties, as stipulated by current legislation in this matter, taking into account the state of technology and the nature of the stored data.

The implementation time varies depending on the size of your company or community  and the functionalities you need.

Yes, our application can integrate with other systems that your company or community uses for more efficient and convenient management for users. Please contact our support team, and they will assist you.

Yes, we provide technical support to ensure that your experience with our application is as smooth as possible

It is available for mobile devices with internet access (iOS 16+ and Android 9+ operating systems).

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