The complet tool for managing your workspace and team


With Mind, you will have a comlete tool for tracking and controlling all requests, incidents, and suggestions in your company, allowing you to focus on the most important activities of your business.

Mind helps ou attract and take care of our team; space reservation management, time tracking, creation of requests and suggestions, among others, are some of the services available 


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Optimize your time and resources


In addition, with the control and analysis of energy efficiency of your assets, you can improve the performance and consumption of your facilities and equipment, which will result im significant cost savings. This way, you can allocate more resources and time to drive the growth of your company and take care of your team.


We offer you: Mind App

Mind Business

Medium and small businesses
40 Mes
  • 10 Mind App licenses
  • Public API access
  • 150GB of disk space
  • Basic Support